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Holy Week

Ash Wednesday brings forth the season of Lent on Feb 26, 2020. Lent is a wonderful time to dig deeper into our faith as we transition from the dead of winter to the life of spring. During lent we are encouraged to pray, fast and give to those around us. In our Catholic faith there are many special rituals and liturgies which take place, particularly leading up to Easter Sunday. This year we invite you to join us for these special events:

April 6-7
Days of Service: Come work with us in the community on various projects

April 8
Community Visits: Come join us as we spend time with our neighbors and those we worked with throughout the year. A great time to build relationships with those in our community or visit someone whose house you worked on and renew that relationsip.

April 9
Sedar Meal: Passover is a great Jewish feast of redemption and liberation. A reminder of the Israelites deliverance from their bondage in Egypt. In the Christian tradition we can enter into this me as a way to better understand the last supper as well as connect us to our great faith tradition.

Mass of the Lords supper: Some time after the Sedar Meal we will enter into the Easter Triduum with the Mass of the Lords supper here at Jerusalem Farm. Led by Fr. Keith

April 10
Stations of the Cross walk: Join us on a Stations of the Cross walk with many others from around Kansas City. In this tradition, we walk through the city as we meditate on Christ’s path to the cross. We also are called to attention how we still persecute Christ in our society today.

Veneration of the Cross: A time to spend before the wood of the Cross.