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College Volunteer Weeks

College groups are invited to spend their fall, winter, spring and end-of-year breaks at the Farm. Our service-retreats are focused around our four cornerstones. Through these, you will experience discussions and hands-on work relating to social justice concerns, sustainability, and direct service with our neighbors.

A week at Jerusalem Farm will cost $300 per volunteer per week. If you have any questions about our group weeks, please email our Volunteer Coordinator.

Group Week Information

  • Prayer

    Each morning and evening will contain time for prayer and reflection. Some prayers will be led by our Community; others will be led by volunteers with our Community available for guidance and formation. As an organization that is Catholic in heritage and identity, we will typically have mass at least once during the week. It is important to us that persons from all faiths and other Christian denominations feel welcomed to serve with us. As part of our Mission we desire and look forward to all people openly sharing their faith experiences with us. There will be an overall focus on God in our lives, how God is calling us to serve and love one another, and how all our actions can point us to God and call us to prayer.

  • Community

    A full time Community of individuals live and work at Jerusalem Farm. They act as retreat leaders and mentors for the volunteers. At the beginning of the week, students will be introduced to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching through an interactive discussion. It is from these principles that we form our community and respond and act to serve in the surrounding community. Your group will be mixed in with other groups of volunteers (up to 24) and we will focus on "building community". This will be fostered in how the work crews are structured, and in the attitudes and reflections at the farm. By building community, we are able to better communicate and organize for a common purpose.

  • Service

    Jerusalem Farm has a focus on home repair. This includes the construction or repair of wheel chair ramps, decks, roofs, siding, painting, etc. Worksites will be led by a trained member from our Community, and the volunteers will be fully involved with the service. We emphasize that our work is with the homeowner; therefore we encourage interaction between volunteers and homeowners while at the worksite. Other projects may include working at a soup kitchen/food pantry, tutoring youth and any other needs in the community which have been identified by Jerusalem Farm. There will also be work each day in our kitchen and in our garden, bringing on the dialogue of hospitality and sustainability.

  • Simplicity

    It is through simplicity that we are all made aware of our capabilities and the needs of others. Simplicity will be found in the all the work we do; working the earth in our gardens, and with our hands as carpenters. Volunteers will feel empowered by the tasks they accomplish and the simplicity in manual labor. We will also ask that volunteers refrain from cell phone usage, watches, and other electronics. This will center our attention on those around us with whom we are forming community with, and those we are serving. Finally, volunteers will learn about the importance of sustainability and stewardship of our earth. They will be challenged to take only three showers during the week, one normal shower and two bucket showers.

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