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Home Repair Program Information

Jerusalem Farm is a community of volunteers inspired by the Gospels, focused on prayer, community, simplicity and service. We are devoted to developing relationships and eliminating sub-standard housing through home repair in North-East Kansas City.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Jerusalem Farm works on the following principles for qualified applicants:

  • • Jerusalem Farm expects recipients of services to pay for the cost of materials. Non-interest material loans can be arranged and paid back monthly.
  • • Applicants must be the owner of the home.
  • • Jerusalem Farm cannot work on plumbing, electrical, or foundation issues.
  • • There is no charge for labor used on the project since all workers are volunteers. The only exception is when specialized labor is hired in rare instances. Such labor would only be hired with the approval of the applicant.
  • • Jerusalem Farm works solely with low-income individuals and families.
  • • Jerusalem Farm expects the approved applicant's family to help with construction and repair of the home if possible. We exist to help people help themselves, and feel the best way to do this is by working together.
  • • Jerusalem Farm will provide a detailed material invoice at the completion of the project.

In order to complete a project, Jerusalem Farm uses high school, college, and adult aged volunteers from primarily Catholic churches and schools across the country.

To apply complete this form. Please be as specific as possible when describing the work you wish to have completed.

A representative of Jerusalem Farm will evaluate your project in person before a final decision is made about your request. Every attempt will be made to complete this evaluation within one month of receiving your information.