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If you have come to this page it is because you have been selected for the #SimplicityTax.  The best part about this tax is that you know where it goes, and it is fully accounted for!  All donations will support the mission of Jerusalem Farm:

Jerusalem Farm is a Catholic Intentional community located in Kansas City, Missouri, built on the four cornerstones of Prayer, Community, Service and Simplicity. We strive to transform our lives and those around us through service retreat experiences, sustainable living and home repair.

Look at the options below and have fun with it.
 *The #SimplicityTax is a Tax Deductible tax*


1) Pay the tax: Send JFarm $100 and send this tax on to 5 friends


2) Apply for exemption: Pledge one week of simplicity and upload your pictures, videos, reflections to #simplictytax and send this tax on to 5 friends

 Screen free for a week [no smart phone, computer, or tv– except for work use... if you have to]

- 1-zip top bag of trash [challenge yourself to only create 1-gallon size zip-top bag of garbage this week, find a way to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost everything else– extra challenge: carry the bag with you all week]

-  Use only 5-gallons of H20 per day [fill a 5 gallon bucket and use it for all your non-drinking needs while at home– flushing, washing dishes, showering, etc.]

3) File for an extension: Send a $20 filing fee to JFarm, complete one day of simplicity and pass the tax on to 5 friends

 A little bit tax season; a little bit lent
#Simplictytax #almsgiving